Welcome to Abbeycroft Leisure

Short high energy games and tasks to break the ice and get the group warmed up for the day.

Team building activities and challenges. From very simple mind problems to complicated building projects.

Large group games, high energy and hign fun.

A 7.3m mobile climbing wall with 4 faces and auto belay system. Can be modified to teach traditional belaying techniques using climbing ropes. Promoting team work, trust and looking after each others safety and welbeing.

Archery, up to 6 people shooting at a time, sessions will include key skills, coaching, games and competitions.

We have a fleet of mountain bikes of various sizes. We can organise of road adventures on local trails, riding safety courses on local roads or set up skill courses at your venue. Height restrictions may apply.

High paced navigation challenge using maps

HIgh paced navigation challenge using GP's.

Team building activity where groups have to build a catapult to either shoot their eggs the furthest or knock down a target in a set time.

Teaching the skills of making fire without matches and lighters. Either using kelly kettles to boil the water and make hot chocolate, or as a race to see which team can build a fire first.

Depending on the location, building shelters from natural materials, or man made materials.

Using fire to cook tasty treats.

Research and investigation into wildlife and insects in the local area.

Groups work together to design and paint large flags, fun and messy

Teams design and build rockets to see who can get the highest and furthest.

Fun and engaging for all. Can be played inside or outside.

Using cameras teams must collect and complete all the tasks given, recording everything on the camera provided

A great session to end the day. All the team compete against each other in fun challenges to win points.

frank general (Re-Sized)